Flood of Blood to the Heart

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the boy who swallowed a star. by JOE HISAISHI.

"Howl! Calcifer! It’s me — Sophie! I know how to help you now! Find me in the future!"




Calm down, Crazy.

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things ppl say that alerts you to them being the actual worst:

  • john was my favourite beatle 
  • abolishing religion would solve a lot of problems 
  • i’m not a racist i hate all races equally 
  • disliking someone because of their political affiliation is ridiculous 
  • but if you think about it stereotypes do exist for a reason 
  • god, can you believe people on welfare own iphones
  • but what about mens rights
  • why can’t white people say the n-word
  • i’m just being the devils advocate

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